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Statutory Principle 3. Stakeholder Profit Allocation and Happonomy Dividend

Does it have to be said that money influences the perspective on value? We live in a monetary system that feeds uncertainty, both financially and psychologically. In order to return value to the organisation’s stakeholders financially as well, it is therefore included in statute that profit after tax is redistributed to stakeholders and not just shareholders, who of course remain stakeholders. The form of distribution is determined according to the type of stakeholder.

Entrepreneur - dividend

may decide to distribute dividends to other stakeholder categories.

Shareholder - dividend

may decide to distribute dividends to another stakeholder category.


receives a price reduction either in the form of a discount on the next invoice or via a credit note.


Employees decide for themselves how they want to receive this (e.g., financial bonus, cafeteria plan, giving away to social stakeholder).


gets a Happonomy dividend. Employees decide which goal is supported.


gets a Happonomy dividend. Employees decide which goal is supported.


Company Winforlife realised an after-tax profit of 800,000 euros. It decided to add half to the reserves and pay out 400,000 euros. The distribution key was determined by the stakeholder board and board of directors as follows

Stakeholder Percentage
Entrepreneur 20%
Shareholder 20%
Customers 20%
Employees 20%
Society 10%
Planet 10%

The employees of the company have decided that poverty prevention (SDG1)  is something to which they want to contribute as an organisation. That is why they have chosen the poverty prevention centre 500 metres from the office building as their beneficiary. A donation of 40,000 euros will be made. A tree planting project (SDG 13) in the city where they are located was chosen as an ecological project. This organisation will also receive 40,000 euros in operating funds. The Happonomy dividend amounts to 80,000 euros.