The soul of Happonomy

Happonomy Vision & Mission

Our Perspective

Our world is changing, sitting at a crossroads. Maybe you feel increasingly restless,  anxious even. Understandably so, living a balanced life has become increasingly difficult.

Our planet is gasping for breath, the systems on which we have built our organizations, cities and society are no longer sustainable. We can let this paralyze us or we can embrace the uncertainty we feel.

What if we have the courage to take up the gauntlet, with no guarantee of success?

If we join hands, we can unleash more than ever an indomitable force for change on the world. A force that creates more quality of life for you and the people you love. A force that revives our planet.

Therefore, what do you want to see different in your own life, in your organization, city or country? What role do you want to play in this hinge of history? The solutions are there, all we need is courage to transcend our insecurities and dare to change….

Our Mission & Our Goals

Aspirations obviously need to be built on sound long-term goals. Therefore, it is important to outline our organisation’s priorities. They serve as goals underpinning our mission to drive the quality of our lives forward, regenerate our planet, and contribute to upgrading capitalism along the way.

More Self-aware people

We want more people who are aware what is valuable in their life and how the ingredients of an economy – work, money and technology – can be used to support what we and our planet need.  That is why we bring together people in 7 cities 3 countries, have a speaker network, wrote a book (for the time being only in Dutch), and developed a workshop to let people experience the impact of our system on sustainable choices. 

More Resilient People

Support individuals to develop their full potential, not burdened by the limitations of our current economic system.

Sustainable entrepreneurships

Contribute to build more and more successful value-driven starting organisations.

Sustainable organisations

Support leaders to sustainably transform existing organisations.

Sustainable cities

Supporting local decision makers to increase the quality of life and sustainability in their municipality or city through resilient citizens, the provision of sustainable employment and a sustainable local currency.

A sustainable society

Supporting policy makers to redesign our economic model so that it focuses more on sustainability and quality of life.

So there you have it, our not-so-strategic road map for our organisation. All goals have been initiated one way or the other already. The scope seems daunting but from our perspective this is the best shot we have to make sure that all inhabitants of this pale blue dot thrive. Yes, it will take years, many hands, hearts and minds, but you know what they say… if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. 

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