There is a saying about models: none of them are entirely correct and some of them are useful.

In this model section, you’ll find three useful tools to drive your quality of life forward. All three are built on extensive science and intend to increase intrinsic value both on the organisational and on the systemic levels.

The Happonomy Value Canvas

The Value Canvas is a compass to life and business. It helps you to determine what value you and any organisational stakeholders (such as clients, employees or society) find important.

It can be used to discuss mission statements, improve the value of business plans or, just simply, to help you figure out how to increase the quality of your own life.

Value canvas image

Sustainable Money System

Happonomy’s Sustainable Money System is designed to realign intrinsic value and economic value in a better way.  It is an alternative money creation and redistribution model which solves the most important problems of our current fractional, debt-driven monetary system.

Sustainable money image


As a value-driven entrepreneur, building a sustainable organisation requires courage and perseverance. Whether you are creative, social, ecological or visionary, the Leap model helps you to bring your vision to life in a sustainable way. Leap helps you to map out your organisation’s journey conclusively. Doing this means that you can take the plunge more easily and with more certainty.

The company slingshot

Slingshot is a legal model that offers an integrated legal solution to build a value-driven business. The model is built to be more inclusive and allows people to work together more flexibly and relatively on a common, intrinsically valuable mission.

The Slingshot model consists of 3 parts: adapted statutory clauses, clear management principles and a new, fair way to create and grow companies. Slingshot values contributions – be it money, work, intellectual property or customers – in line with what people really value, enabling  people to more flexibly participate in a new venture.