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Over centuries, people have been mesmerised by stories. Nothing has changed; event audiences all over the world want to learn, want to be inspired and want to truly connect. In an age of fake, above all, they crave authenticity.

About you

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Whether the events you organise are for clients or for your own organisation doesn’t really matter. You realise an authentic inspirational story engages audiences like nothing else. You believe that we can improve the quality of our lives, and the work, money and technology is here to help.

If this is you, we can help.

The Happonomy speakers

As a mix of scientists, social entrepreneurs, value-driven business experts and people with a unique life story, the Happonomy speaker network is a quirky group of people, to say the least.

The topics they talk about vary wildly, enabling us to support almost any type of events thinkable. From hi-tech corporate innovation events to low-key socially-inspired events and everything between, our speakers feel at ease in every setting.

Our speakers have been professionally coached, with many of them being former TEDx speakers, but they are not polished marketing tools. They dare to be vulnerable, enabling your audience to truly engage and be immersed in your event.

Happonomy sessions

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We know organising an event can be a tedious affair; we know because we have done this ourselves, as several people at Happonomy are TEDx event organisers.

To make your event management life a tad easier programme-wise, we can offer you a Happonomy session, lasting two hours. This session is highly visual and interactive with multiple speakers, custom graphics and several types of audience engagement.

Budget & Value

At Happonomy we are co-creators, not salesmen. In other words, we’ll actively work with you to ensure that you keep within your budgetary constraints.

All speakers determine their own speaking fee of which he or she gives away half to a value-driven organisation.  Every single one of them understands the value of giving.

If the total cost of the speakers exceeds your budget, we leave it to the speakers to decide whether or not they want to reduce or even waive their fees: value over money.

If our creative team steps in, they will work at their own ‘good life rate’, which is a daily rate to cover their own high-quality life. Each person has given this life extensive thought and calculated his or her rate in detail.

Are You Ready to Move Forward?

If you want to explore working with us and want a concrete price quote or have concrete questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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